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Courses 15 de julho a 2 de agosto

Summer Camp 2019 - Tecnologias de Cestaria Portuguesa, Museu de Arte Popular, de 15/07 a 02/08


15  July - 2 August 2019

This summer camp is a 2.5 week intensive workshop taking place at the Popular Art Museum (MAP) in Lisbon, Portugal. Design, architecture and craft students are invited to explore five Portuguese basket weaving methods and co-create a series of new pieces with 5 Portuguese master craftsmen guided by design mentors.

The objective is to push the boundaries of what these techniques can be used for in the twenty first century in a beautiful, intelligent and compelling way.

The Summer Camp will be held prior to the opening of Um Cento de Cestos exhibition on Portuguese Basket technology at the Museu de Arte Popular Lisbon in September 2019. The Summer Camp outcomes will be included in this exhibition. 

The summer camp Portuguese Basket Technology is an initiative of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture in partnership with the Michelangelo Foundation.


— Over 18 year old at time of application
— A young craftsman or a young designer/architect with a strong interest in craftsmanship
— A student or a young graduate (less than a year since graduation)
— Good knowledge of English
— Be able to attend the whole course
— Live in Europe and be able to travel in Europe



15 April - 15 May  2019. Successful candidates will be announced at the beginning June.




To bring innovation to basketry craft by uniting young people, basketry craftsmen and design mentors. The structure of the Summer Camp fosters the development of collaborative creative proposals by taking advantage of the aesthetical as well as functional characteristics of five  of the more common basketry materials in Portugal: Bunho (Tule), Bracejo, Esparto, Palma (Palm) and Vime (wicker).

The craftsmen, as experts and teachers, will be involved in the creative process with the students. This is an opportunity for both students and craftsmen to dive into an informed collaborative experimentation. 
Craftsmen and students will be guided throughout the summer camp by the design team who are also there to guarantee goals of excellence are achieved.


Students have the opportunity to learn from craftsmen and design mentors, practice a collaborative design process and explore a series of techniques that will enrich the development of their practice. Craftsmen and students will be able to look at their practice from different perspectives and absorb a wide range of inspirations, explorations and new experiences.

The final outcome is a series of completed exhibition quality pieces. 



Ministério da Cultura, Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva, Museu de Arte Popular/Museu de Etnologia, Ass. Passa ao Futuro, The Home Project
Museu de Arte Popular