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Património Cultural

Intangible Heritage

The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage ensures compliance with the State’s obligations in the field of study, safeguard, enhancement and dissemination of the intangible cultural heritage (ICH), in particular as regards the procedure for its legal protection and the definition and dissemination methodologies and procedures for safeguarding this heritage.

In accordance with the provisions ofDecree-Law No 149/2015 of 4 August, and Decree-Law 115/2012, of 25 May, the DGPC is also responsible for developing various initiatives within the scope of the ICH. This mission and tasks are pursued by the DGPC through its Department of Cultural Assets and, within it, by the Immovable, Movable and Intangible HeritageDivision.

The following areas of action should be highlighted from the various tasks of the DGPC in safeguarding and enhancing the intangible cultural heritage:

·                Conducting the procedure for legal protection of the ICH, as referred to in paragraph 2b) of Art. 2 of Decree-Law No. 115/2012 of 15 May, leading to its registration in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage;

·                Liaising with and providing technical assistance to the Regional Directorates of Culture and other public or private entities with regard to safeguarding and enhancing intangible assets representing communities, including ethnic minorities;

·                Providing technical assistance for programmes and projects for documentation and safeguarding of the ICH as well as the associated movable or immovable cultural assets, including the collections of museums of the Portuguese Museums Network;

·                Cooperating with research centres, higher education institutions, local authorities and private entities;

·                Encouraging scientific studies and developing appropriate methodologies to safeguard the ICH.