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Património Cultural

Movement of Moveable Cultural Assets and Collection Management

The international movement of cultural assets, as it relates to the temporary and permanent export and to the temporary and permanent import, is regulated by national and EU legislation involving different procedures that have been explained in the DGPC Guide to Procedures.

Bearing in mind an improvement in the procedure for assessing requests for the international movement of cultural objects, the DGPC website makes available a number of electronic format forms  (MS-Word© files), to be filled out by applicants making the requests. Click here for access to request forms.

For further information, you may also refer to the handbook Movement of Movable Cultural Assetsthe inaugural volume of the collection “Museum Themes”, published in 2004.

Museum Collections - Incorporation, Deposits and Study 

The incorporation of movable cultural objects in the collections of the Museums and Palaces under custody of the DGPC includes the types of acquisition referred to in no. 2 of article 13 of the Basic Law of Portuguese Museums (Law no. 47/2004, of 19 August), i.e., the purchase, donation, legacy, inheritance, collection, find, transfer, exchange, permanent allocation, preference and transfer in lieu of payment. Considering that some types of acquisition are more common than others, the DGPC website makes available forms for acquisition, donation, and legacy. These should be filled out by the Museums and Palaces wishing to incorporate movable assets so as to be submitted to the governing body. 

In order to seek permission to hold in deposit museum objects belonging to the Museums and Palaces of the DGPC in third party museums or to hold in deposit objects from third party museums in the DGPC’s dependent services, and to subsequently manage such objects, there is a deposit form and a deposit protocol form available which is to be submitted for approval of the DGPC.

Attention is drawn to the last volume of the collection “Museum Themes” entitled Preventive Conservation Plan establishing the guidelines, rules and procedures in this area.