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Património Cultural

Convent of Christ

Including the Templar castle and the Convent of the Order of Christ -construction of which occurred between the 12th and the 17th centuries -, the monument inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List has one of the most expressive testimonies to the history of Portuguese architecture. Of particular note are the church’s Romanesque “charola”, the cloister of King D. João III, and the famous Manueline window in the Chapter House. This huge structure, including its seven cloisters and different monastic constructions, stands adjacent to the old wall – Mata dos Sete Montes, an area of significant natural and landscape value.

Visiting Hours

October to May
It closes on 1 January, Easter Sunday, 1 May and 25 December

Events held

Meals, receptions, conferences, music or poetry recitals, book launching, solemn acts, cultural activities, and exhibitions are held here. 

Equipment available

100 conference chairs, 

Different Areas

Friars’ Vegetable Garden 

Area – 3400 m2
Standing capacity: 1000 persons Seating capacity: 500 persons.

Parade Ground | Convent’s Courtyard 

Area - 3000 m2
As it is an open space, its use is subject to weather conditions.

Cloister of King João III 

Area – 1225 m2 

Hostelry Cloister 

Area – 1036 m2

Raven’s Cloister 

Area – 840 m2
It may be used for guided tours, special thematic visits, concerts, theatre, film shooting, different types of shows, cocktails, and for promoting products and services. 

Micha Cloister 

Area – 1044 m2

Friars’ Refectory 

Area – 297 m2
Promotional events: for promoting products and services; promotional suppers in partnership with the Templar’s Tourism Region; support is provided for initiatives to be developed in the Convent such as international courses.

Carved wood Hall 

Area – 196 m2

Oven’s Hall (with an annex)

Area – 196 m2


Area – 297 m2 


Area – 176 m2

Chapel of the Magi 

Area – 196 m2
Standing capacity: 120 people Seating capacity: 80 people in auditorium style.

Noviciate Hall 1 

Area – 154 m2 
Standing capacity: 80 people 

Noviciate Hall 2 

Area - 196 m2 
Standing capacity: 80 people 

Exhibition Halls (9 interconnected halls) 

Area – 160 m2

Concert Halls 

Area – 72 m2 (each)

Cafeteria (dining hall and kitchen) 

Area – 225 m2 and 105 m2

Useful information


Director: Andreia Galvão 

Adress: Igreja do Castelo Templário, Tomar, Santarém

T. + 351 249 313 481


How to get there

A1 Lisboa/Porto Motorway – Torres Novas exit; A23 motorway – Tomar exit – IC3 or EN 110 (main road)


Open during the Monument’s visiting hours


Open during the Monument’s visiting hours

Advance reservations can be made at the Visitors Information desk.

Parking facilities 

Free parking is available for cars and buses near the Castle’s entrance and in the North wing.

Payment options

Visa, ATM 

Documentation available 

Leaflets (in Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese)

Access for people with reduced mobility 

There is a special access for people with reduced mobility on the ground floor.