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Património Cultural

Bilateral Cooperation

The Culture programme is developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage as DPP and with the Arts Council Norway.

The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage will bring their expertise on cultural heritage management, with a focus on the rehabilitation and promotion of coastal heritage. The Arts Council Norway promote the relations between artistic entities, experts or arts councils.

Cultural cooperation and exchange between the Donor States and Portugal will be reinforced by the expected partnerships in Call 1 and the mandatory partnerships in Call 2. In the PDPs this cooperation has already been established.

Bilateral cooperation with donor project partners is encouraged and will be positively evaluated in the selection process. The donor state partners should be included in the project development, and their expenses shall be covered by the project budget.

PDP1 will boost training, good practices and research in Portugal through cooperation with donor state entities, namely the Oslo Maritime Museum, already involved in the early stages of this project and with scheduled tasks in Portuguese territory. This latter cooperation shall create a new approach to the work developed by/with researchers, students and professionals.

PDP 2 will develop a film retrospective organized with Norway, specifically in cooperation with Norwegian Film Institute and Norwegian National Library.

The fund for bilateral relations allocates 100.000 € and will support match making seminars prior to the open calls, seed money for travel to visit potential partners, and seminars/study trips/training actions with participation from Portugal and Donor states.